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Volunteer positions

Below are a list of volunteer positions that are available.

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Volunteer positions


All bartenders must be 18 years old and ProServe certified. Bartenders must be comfortable handling large sums of cash and have working knowledge of Square POS software. Bartending duties include; setting up the bar at the beginning of the shift – restocking and cleaning up at the end of the shift. Knowledge of serving alcoholic beverages is preferred.

Front of House

Often the first point of contact for patrons at the Yardbird, those working in Front of House are primarily responsible for the ticket and membership sales. Front of House volunteers must be comfortable working with sums of cash.


This volunteer will ensure that everyone that enters the club doors has a ticket to the show and direct traffic accordingly. Ushers are vital during busy shows as they ensure that everyone can find seating. This position also assists the bar with the clean up during the intermission and at the end of the show.


Individuals working in the kitchen will make popcorn, prepare snacks, and coordinate the cleanup and dishwashing at the end of the evening. 


Volunteers will shuttle musicians from the airport to their hotel, to the Yardbird, and from the Yardbird back to their hotel. 

House Manager

This House Manager manages all aspects of the Front of House and acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors, volunteers, and the public. They are responsible for all the operations behind the scenes of the performance. They ensure that all volunteers are in place and the show starts on time and runs smoothly.

Administrative opportunities

This job may include data entry, website development, volunteer or membership callouts as well as archival maintenance.

Special Events

As a not-for-profit organization, the Yardbird Suite hosts annual fundraisers and education initiatives that require a volunteer base. This may include but is not limited to the preparation/organization of the event, all aspects of the front of house, publicity and administrative tasks.


Since the Yardbird Suite is a volunteer-supported organization, there are plenty of opportunities for building maintenance, bottle drop-offs, landscaping and snow removal.