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Volunteer positions

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Yardbird Suite. As ambassadors to the Yardbird Suite, our Volunteers are typically the first point of contact for our patrons and the face of the organization. All Volunteers will sign the Code of Conduct and treat the performers, staff and other Volunteers with respect and kindness. As a Volunteer, you become a vital part of the team contributing to the success of the Yardbird Suite.

The current volunteer coordinator is Michelle Makila, since 2022. However, the volunteer management team is made up of the following people: Volunteer Coordinator, House Managers and Executive Director. The volunteer team reports directly to the Board of Directors. If you have any questions for the volunteer coordinator please email:

The first step in volunteering at the Yardbird Suite involves filling out an application. As part of our pre screening process you may be asked to complete a background check with Edmonton Police Services. You will be asked to have a phone interview to learn more about you and pass on information about volunteering. If you are interested in volunteering at the bar we ask that you complete the ProServe training from AGLC. The Yardbird Suite will provide you reimbursement for this training.

We have an online sign up process where volunteers can sign up for the shows they are interested in. Once you have completed the application process your name will be kept in a file that only the House Managers have access to. They will email volunteers from that list depending on the needs of the show. For administrative or special events tasks, the Volunteer Coordinator may contact you individually.

Volunteer Shifts are typically 4.5 to 5 hours from start to finish.

We wish to remind volunteers that the Yardbird Suite is a concert venue. As the first point of contact with the public, your appearance is important to us. Although we do not have an official dress code, business casual is recommended.

On your application, please list your special skills and job preferences and the Volunteer Coordinator may call on you as an opportunity comes up. Periodically, emails to volunteers will make a call to work on special projects, which will be coordinated with the Volunteer Coordinator (

If you cannot make your shift, we ask that you contact the Volunteer Coordinator House Manager for that evening either by sending an email.

A love for music is all that we require. Experience with Front of House operations and Point of Sale (POS) software is an asset. Bartenders must have a valid Proserve certificate. House Managers will be required to have a current ProServe and First Aid certification.

There are several buses which run along Whyte Avenue.

Bus Stop # 2891- 104 street & 82 Avenue is your destination, with a 5 minute walk North.

Bus #4 – From Bonnie Doon to the University Transit Centre and then WEM.

Bus #8 – Northbound from the University Transit Centre to Downtown via 99 Street.

Bus #726 – From University Station to McKernan-Belgravia.

The Yardbird Suite has a small parking lot for staff and volunteers.