Ray Baril YSJO “Steely Dan Reimagined”

(Edmonton - Part of CoJazz 2021)

The Yardbird Suite Jazz Orchestra plays music of Steely Dan.

  • November 13, 2021
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Many composers and bands helped shape the sound of contemporary popular music but few rose to the stature of Steely Dan and the writing team of Donald Fagan and Walter Becker. Their sound was unmistakable and their impact was undeniable. Their music helped define the jazz rock idiom with rhythmic grooves rooted in rock, blues and Latin American music traditions, harmonies and improvisation borrowed from world of jazz and coupled with sophisticated lyrics. The big band is ideally suited to capture the music of the “Dan” and present it in a fresh and compelling setting. Join the Yardbird Suite Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Raymond Baril as they Reimagine Steely Dan.

Venue Phone: (780) 432-0428

Venue Website:

11 Tommy Banks Way, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6E 2M2

Band members

Raymond Baril - Director
Dan Davis – Alto & Soprano Sax / Flute / Clarinet
Dana Anderson – Alto Sax / Clarinet / Flute
Jerrold Dubyk – Tenor & Soprano Sax / Clarinet
Dave Babcock – Tenor & Soprano Sax
Robin Taylor – Bari Sax / Bass Clarinet
Joel Gray – Trumpet / Flugel Horn
Jared Greeve – Trumpet / Flugel Horn
Marlouie Saique – Trumpet / Flugel Horn
Elissa Moores – Trumpet / Flugel Horn
Craig Brenan – Trombone
Marty Majorowicz – Trombone
Madeline Vandersluys – Trombone
Ken Read – Bass Trombone
Chris Andrew – Piano
Mo Lefever – Guitar
Rubim De Toledo – Bass
Jamie Cooper – Drums

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