Audrey Ochoa Quartet

  • Tuesday April 6th, 2021
    07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Audrey Ochoa – Trombone
Chris Andrew – Piano
Troy Nowaselski – Bass
Nathan Ouellette – Percussion

Audrey Ochoa will be premiering some new compositions that will be on her 4th album, which will hopefully begin recording in the fall.

“One of the many silver linings of the pandemic was the opportunity to slow down. I was able to start listening to music for leisure instead of study, I discovered some new artists and rediscovered old favourites. I was able to reflect on the music that comforts me, and genres that have been influencing my entire career, like ska, reggae, salsa, and pop music. Through that lens I started writing music that would help me process the grief and uncertainty of the our current times”

Archived live stream:

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11 Tommy Banks Way, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6E 2M2