Thirty four years on, the Littlebirds has become a choice launching pad for the next generation of Edmonton jazz talent. Back in 1988, when instructor-founder, Gordon Towell approached the Edmonton Jazz Society to sponsor a big band program for student players from across the Edmonton region, no one guessed at the impact it might have on the local jazz scene. The Jazz Society agreed to offer partial funding and a free space for weekly rehearsals at the Yardbird Suite.

(What’s in that name? The Littlebirds is a reference to the legendary jazz saxophonist and bebop pioneer Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, who inspired the name of the club itself.)

Gordon’s tenure was short-lived as he returned to school to start a doctoral degree. Dean McNeill was the next director of the Littlebirds, but he also heard the call of school and left the band to Jerrold Dubyk who directed the band for 2 years. In the fall of 1998, Craig Brenan took over the band and made a few changes related to rehearsal times. Local trumpeter, Joel Gray, took over as director in 2004, and he has more firmly established the group as one of Canada’s leading youth jazz programs. 

The Littlebirds offers an elite opportunity for auditioned music students ages 14-21 to play in jazz-driven big band and small combos that crosses school divisions. It gives these students a chance to work and perform with other young musicians with the same passion, and it often leads to lifelong friendships and musical collaborations. 

The big band performs high-level music that requires real commitment from the students. Saxophonists are encouraged to learn their “doubles”, such as clarinet and flute, and there is a focus on sight reading, intonation, balance, blend, and stylistic authenticity. The repertoire focuses on the roots of the artform, such as the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Charles Mingus, Mel Lewis, Thad Jones, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, and Woody Herman, all the way up to the more modern composers such as Rob McConnell, Bob Mintzer, Gordon Goodwin, and Maria Schneider. The Big Band does 4-6 concerts per year, and participates in the Edmonton International Jazz Festival, in addition to other local events, such as the City of Edmonton’s Swing N’ Skate, the Cantando Music Festival and the Jazzworks Non Competitive Music Festival. 

In 2012, the Littlebirds added a jazz combo program. The combos also focus on authenticity and have a blend of learning jazz standards and doing original and creative music. All of the combo members learn to write and arrange music for their groups, and perform ten or more concerts per year. 

The competition to get into the band reflects its high profile. In the last ten years, kids from as far away as Onoway, Camrose, and Devon come out for annual auditions, and even past-members have to re-audition to make the cut each year. 

Each year, the Littlebirds will also have a number of workshops for the members, focusing on instrument specific skills, arranging, composing, improvising, and musicianship. Some of the more prominent national and international artists to work with the band in the last ten years include Tommy Banks, Bob Mintzer, Christine Jensen, PJ Perry, Jens Lindemann, Christian Scott, Elliot Mason, Marcus Printup, Brad Turner, Ingrid Jensen, Laila Biali, Tigran Hamasyan, Allen Vizzutti, George Colligan, Jodi Proznick, Gordon Towell, Rachel Therrien, Allen Jacobson, and Jeff Antoniuk.

The alumni of the band is a testament to the Littlebirds lasting results, including Jim Brenan, Chris Andrew, Kent Sangster, Lina Allemano, Lyle Moltzan, Carol Johnson, Curtis Henker, Mike Bairs, Jeff Campbell, Craig Brenan, Rubim DeToledo, Brock Campbell, Jeremiah McDade, Jerrold Dubyk, Don Berner, John-Ceri Jones, Jeff Hendrick, Hannah Gray, Doug Berner, Eric Weiden, Audrey Ochoa, Jared Greeve, Carsten Rubeling, Efa Etoroma, Jordan Mann, John Roggensack, Chris Covlin, Alden Lowrey, Marty Majorowicz, Paul Richey, Matt Michielin, Sean Bumstead, Silas Friesen, Heather Saumer, Bryan Qu, John Sweenie, Jeremy Maitland, Jonathan Deppisch, Fred Mack, Sahil Chugh, Keira Harmon, Leah Harmon, Kent Shores, Gareth Gilliland, Murray Smith, Peter Filice, Dean Kheroufi, Brendan McGrath, Stefane Krimms, Taylor Rault, Jacob Do, Kessler Douglas, and Nick Lang. In addition to these professional musicians, many alumni have become music teachers in the public and private education system.

The Littlebirds program is unique, and has made a significant impact not only on our local music scene and history, but at the national and international level. Few other programs feature the diversity of programming and experiences that our members get, from working with distinguished artists, recording CDs and DVDs, attending festivals and workshops, and live shows. Since 2020, the program has expanded and now has three combos, plus the big band, and over the summers of 2020/21 the combos performed over 50 outdoor concerts.

Are you an aspiring musician aged 14-21?

Auditions will be held on September 11th, 2022, 10 AM – 4 PM

Registration is not required, and you can come whenever is convenient. Please allow 30 minutes for your audition. 

We will be holding auditions for BIG BAND and COMBOS. 

Rehearsal times

BIG BAND: Mondays, 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (starting September 20th)

COMBO: Wednesdays, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (starting September 22nd)

Rehearsals are held on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:00-9:00 PM although precise times vary by the ensemble.

What you need to know if you play:

Wind players should prepare a solo transcription or song in any jazz style. The selection is your choice and composers to consider are Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Herbie Hancock, George Gershwin, Wayne Shorter, etc. A copy of the music is required for use by the auditioners. Try to pick a selection that demonstrates your playing ability (style, technique, range — high range for trumpet; low range for bass trombone and bari).

To demonstrate improvisation abilities, wind players will have the option to improvise with Aebersold tracks during the audition. Be ready to play one chorus of Bb Rhythm changes at an medium tempo or two choruses of F blues at a medium tempo. All rhythm section players are expected to improvise as part of the audition process over these two forms.

Bass (upright and electric), Guitar and Piano players should play a jazz classic or standard song in any jazz style. Bass players must walk for 2 choruses minimum. The selection is your choice and composers to consider are Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, George Gershwin, Wayne Shorter, etc. Guitar and piano players must comp for 2 choruses minimum (accompany with chords in appropriate rhythmic style, possibly with light fills at the ends of phrases).

Bass players and guitar players, please bring your own patch cable if you need to use an amplifier.

Drummers need to be ready to play the following time patterns: Fast swing with both sticks and brushes, medium swing with both sticks and brushes, medium jazz waltz with both sticks and brushes, bossa; samba, and afro-cuban 6/8.

Drummers, please bring your own symbols and sticks to your audition.

In addition to prepared selections, there will be sight reading as part of the audition process.

Video submission

If you cannot come out to audition on the 11th, you may submit a video audition. Please email this submission to The deadline for video submissions is Sept 11th, at 4:00 PM. 


You must be 14-21 years of age. All members must be fully vaccinated. If you are attending Junior High or High School, you must also be a member of your school band program, if it has one. Attendance at rehearsals is mandatory unless a player has good reason to be absent. Players who miss more than three rehearsals may be asked to resign from the band. Players are responsible for all music and materials furnished to them by the Littlebirds. All players are required to take an active role in selling tickets to their own performances. All rehearsals are at the Yardbird Suite.


For those who are successful, the annual non-refundable membership fee for the big band and combo is $400 for the year, payable at first rehearsal in October.

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