Edmonton Jazz Festivals

In 1980, the Edmonton Jazz Society established the Jazz City International Jazz Festival in response to an initiative from Alberta Culture on the occasion of the province's 75th anniversary.  Between 1980 to 1983 the Edmonton Jazz Society produced the first four annual Jazz City festivals.

1980-1983 Jazz City Festival

In 1984, a new organization, the Jazz City Festival Society took over administration of the festival, and presented 21 annual Jazz City festivals between 1984 and 2004.

1984-2004 Jazz City Festival

In 2005 the Edmonton Jazz Society staged the Yardbird Jazz Festival, and in 2006 co-produced the event with the newly established Edmonton Jazz Festival Society.

2005 Yardbird Jazz Festival
2006 Yardbird Jazz Festival

Since June 2007, the Edmonton Jazz Festival Society has been presenting the Edmonton International Jazz Festival.

Since November 2007, the Edmonton Jazz Society presents the Yardbird Jazz Festival dedicated exclusively to Canadian performers.

2007 Yardbird Jazz Festival
2008 Yardbird Jazz Festival
2009 Yardbird Jazz Festival
2010 Yardbird Jazz Festival

2011 Yardbird Jazz Festival

2012 Yardbird Jazz Festival

2013 Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz
2014 Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz

2015 Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz

2016 Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz
2017 Yardbird Festival of Canadian Jazz