Garry Nelson
August 12, 1935 - November 10, 2016


By Tommy Banks01

The founders of the Yardbird Suite in 1957 were Neil Gunn (the only non-musician), Terry Hawkeye (the instigator), Ron Repka, Ken Chaney, Zen Magus, Ray Magus, and Garry Nelson.

All (excepting Neil) were members of the Ron Repka Big Band. Garry Nelson played both trumpet and bass. Garry was among the cooler and more-practical members of that original group of Yardbird Suite visionaries. He and his lovely wife Marilyn were among the most-dedicated of all the Suite's volunteer originators.

Garry and Marilyn moved to Calgary to pursue successful non-musical careers. Garry passed away on November 10th 2016, and will be sadly missed by all those who remember the Suite's exciting early days.

We have lost track of Neil Gunn despite considerable efforts in tracking him down. In Garry's passing we may have lost the last of the Suite's originators.

We owe Garry profound thanks for his important part in the Suite's beginnings.