The Yardbird Suite - Edmonton's jazz venue since 1957
Celebrating 30 Years at 11 Tommy Banks Way

Performance venue of the Edmonton Jazz Society, presenting the best in local, national and international jazz


"... I can honestly say I've never played in a hipper place than the Yardbird Suite how could something so slick not be the talk of the whole northern hemisphere?! ... The space itself is more conducive to creative performance than almost any other club I've experienced. The audiences are hooked in and responsive, so you get a concert atmosphere with the looseness of a club..."
Steve Kirby, Coda, May/June 2008


The Edmonton Jazz Society (1973) would like to thank the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Rawlco Radio and John & Barbara Poole Family Funds for their generous support. John & Barbara Poole Family Funds are administered by the Edmonton Community Foundation.